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Gaing Thi
  • גרסה: V1.0
  • גודל הורדה: 68.34 MB
  • שוחרר בתאריך: 06-12-2017
  • מערכת הפעלה: iOS 7.0 ומעלה
  • תאימות:
  • מתאים עבור: גילאי 4 ומעלה
  • מחיר בחנות: חינם

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Classic Bomber: Super Legend game, you will move through multi levels. The general goal throughout the series is to complete the levels by strategically placing bombs in order to kill enemies and destroy obstacles. Exploding bombs can set off other bombs, kill or injure enemies, and destroy obstacles. However, they can also kill or injure the player character, destroy powerups, and sometimes "anger" the exit, causing it to generate more enemies. Most Classic Bomber games also feature a multiplayer mode, where other Bomber man act as opponents, and the last one standing is the winner. In this mode, powerups are plentiful. To do it, in each level you have to destroy opponents and find out Exit Door. Strategically place various bombs to put opponents in a trap or destroy many obstacles. The Exit Door is hidden under brick,so you have to place bombs to destroy brick to find this. Bomb will automatically explode after several seconds or manually explode when you get blow up control.
You will lose the blow up control if you die. You can get this one in some next level.
Be careful, bombs can also destroy yourself if you in exploding range.

How to play Classic Bomber - Super Legend:
- Use the navigation controls to move, you can choose 4-button.
- Collect many powerful items quickly.You will be a most dangerous bomber with a ton of bomb and powerful blast.
- Every monster are cunning, so you should choose a strategy to bombing them!
- The Bosses, they have a horrible skill and special moves. Show your friends how you play as best!
- Don't worry if you make a mistake, you can buy interesting items even life by gold.

- Beautiful and stunning graphics design
- Attractive Classic Bomber games play, you will control the hero to get through many game levels from easy to difficult. Try to find out Power Up item in each level to improve your skill.

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