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ירידת מחיר ₪ 3.90₪ 3.50
  • גרסה: V1.0
  • גודל הורדה: 152.27 MB
  • שוחרר בתאריך: 16-07-2017
  • מערכת הפעלה: iOS 9.3 ומעלה
  • תאימות:
  • מתאים עבור: גילאי 4 ומעלה
  • מחיר בחנות: ₪ 3.50 (במקום 3.90 ש"ח, ירידת מחיר לזמן מוגבל) עודכן ב30 באוקטובר 2017.

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Geoboy's robot arm has gained jetpack ability. In his second adventure, he has to fly through dangerous worlds, where he will face his enemies at the end. The worlds are full of dangerous animals and other hazards, like flying fireballs and bursting volcanoes. It is a hard journey, but luckily he has you! Your mission is to navigate him safely through all the worlds and defeat all the crazy end bosses.

The enemies will come at a very high pace, so you have to react fast. However, do not over press, because the jetpack is very sensitive for overshoot. Don't worry you will get the hang of it after a couple of runs. There are plenty of coins and power ups to collect to get very far in the game. So what is holding you back to get to the top of the leaderboard?

**** Features ****

- Every 2000m an End Boss.

- Collect power ups to become an all destructive twister, to attract coins, to raise a shield, etc. Use your coins to upgrade the power ups to ease the journey.

- Collect energy packs to gain extra cool abilities such as: doubling coins, fire missiles, Ring of Fire.

- Earn achievements and receive extra coins.

- A Leaderboard to compare your best distance with your friends.

- Complete missions and receive extra coins.

**** ****

This game doesn't contain any pop-up ads.

Enjoy the game!

הורידו עכשיו את Geoboy Jet Runner, אפליקציה אקשן שפותחה במיוחד עבור אייפון ואייפד ע"י Luat Do. נשמח לשמוע מכם תגובות, שתפו אותנו בחווית השימוש, שאלות או טיפים שימושיים על Geoboy Jet Runner.

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תמונות iPhone/iPad

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