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  • גרסה: V1.0.27(4)
  • גודל הורדה: 534.72 MB
  • שוחרר בתאריך: 10-08-2017
  • מערכת הפעלה: iOS 9.1 ומעלה
  • תאימות:
  • מתאים עבור: גילאי 12 ומעלה
  • מחיר בחנות: חינם

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Speed Freeks brings you intense visceral vehicular combat like you’ve never experienced before! Assemble and upgrade a massive fleet of powerful Ork vehicles in the legendary Warhammer 40,000 universe and race them to the heart of an epic planetary battle to become the ultimate Warboss. Mow down enemies and claim their outposts for access to new vehicle plans and parts to build them, then defend your hard-won territory against enemy clans pushing to win it back. Blaze a trail across a remote forge world planet on your way to a massive battle with other Warhammer 40,000 armies, and then set your sights on the entire galaxy, leaving a path of destruction in your wake.

Lock onto enemies with a quick tap, and blow them away with an arsenal of over the top explosive weaponry including machine guns, rocket launchers, energy beams, and more! An intuitive targeting and rapid-fire system makes it easier than ever to blaze a trail of destruction. You can even play with one hand on smaller devices!

Build and upgrade a wide variety of buggies and bikes, and stay tuned for new vehicles and vehicle classes rolling out soon. We can’t tell you what we’re working on, but we think you’ll ‘tank’ us when you see what we’re manufacturing.

Raid and conquer enemy outposts for vehicle plans, parts, loot, and more. Defend your claimed territory against marauding enemy clans using your growing fleet of powerful vehicles.

Defend your hard-won territories, don’t let the enemy take them back! Protect your valuable resources, including fuel-generating promethium reserves, valuable supply caches, and more. Send out vehicles to scavenge your lands for all sorts of loot, including rare vehicle parts to build new rides.

Survive in endless mode to dominate the leaderboards for bragging rights and the chance at big rewards. Each territory has its own unique endless mode, constantly challenging even the most skilled players with the best rides.

*NOTE: Speed Freeks currently requires iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 or iPod touch 6th Generation or above to play.

Speed Freeks is completely free to download. It is possible to play through the game without purchase, however some in game items, features, and enhancements can be optionally purchased using real money. If you do not wish to use these features you can disable in app purchases in your device settings.

Warhammer 40,000: Speed Freeks © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2016. Speed Freeks, the Speed Freeks logo, GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, 40,000, the ‘Aquila’ Double-headed Eagle logo, and all associated logos, illustrations, images, names, creatures, races, vehicles, locations, weapons, characters, and the distinctive likeness thereof, are either ® or TM, and/or © Games Workshop Limited, variably registered around the world, and used under licence.

© Copyright Artcode Interactive Inc. 2016. All rights reserved.

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