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Huseyin Calikbasi
  • גרסה: V1.0
  • גודל הורדה: 20.18 MB
  • שוחרר בתאריך: 10-02-2018
  • מערכת הפעלה: iOS 8.0 ומעלה
  • תאימות:
  • מתאים עבור: גילאי 4 ומעלה
  • מחיר בחנות: ₪ 6.90

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******* The Sweet Story of the Pocket Birds

Pocket Birds are living in your pocket and are hungry. They love deliciously sweet candies and delicious bonbons. To get food for the Pocket Birds, go through heavenly candy adventures.
Experience sweet triumphs with the Pocket Birds as you indulge in the irresistible temptations of dexterity, sophistication, and curiosity, and bring all the candy's on time to the Golden Star.
Beware of other birds that want to annoy you. They do not like you and don’t wish you candy's. Jump on these birds and crush them.
Show them the powerful force of Pocket Birds if they keep you from delicious sweets and delicious candies away.

******* Don't Get Angry!
******* Live Your Life Sweet.

If the time runs out, the birds annoy you or the irresistible obstacles keep you from your sweet triumphs, then do not get angry.
Sweeten your life and eat as many delicious sweets and candies as you can. The Pocket Birds will be happy and satisfied and their lives are saved. They will continue to live in your pockets.

App Facts:

* 100 Candy Levels
* 5 Sweet Worlds
* Sweet Candy Pocket Birds Story
* Super Challenges
* Unique Idea
* Time Based Game
* Creative Menu Design
* Super small size

What Users Say:

* Amazing to play
* So sweet!
* You get quick addicted
* So funny
* Don't get Angry and eat a Candy!

הורידו עכשיו את Pocket Birds, אפליקציה ארקייד שפותחה במיוחד עבור אייפון ואייפד ע"י Huseyin Calikbasi. נשמח לשמוע מכם תגובות, שתפו אותנו בחווית השימוש, שאלות או טיפים שימושיים על Pocket Birds.

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