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  • שוחרר בתאריך: 20-12-2018
  • מערכת הפעלה: iOS 11.0 ומעלה
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26 professional cinematography & photography tools used by many Oscar & Emmy winning Directors of Photography. Essential for Photographers, Camera Assistants, Camera Operators, VFX Supervisors, Videographers, Gaffers, Grips, Production Designers, and Cinema & Media Studies students worldwide.

Designed by a working camera technician who understands that calculations must be done simply and on-the-run. Different from other photo apps, its graphical interface shows how each calculation is applied.


- Speed Booster® Adapter. Calculate reduced Focal Length and Boosted Aperture with various adapters. Also create camera format profiles with attached adapters for use in other tools.
– Depth of Field calculation (hyperfocal, total depth, near and far, image circle)
– Field of View (with angle of view)
– Field of View Preview in both Portrait & Landscape camera positions (8 images to pre-visualize & size shots by distance & focal length)
– Splits - Aperture Finder calculation
– Focal Length (lens) Matching - match to horizontal, vertical or diagonal dimensions
– Relative Size (compares sensors)
– Reference (technical charts, lists & tables. Cine film stocks (with film can labels), cine lens specs, false color/exposure change, diopter distance table, miniature shooting, safe panning speeds, zone system, 2018 camera comparison chart)
– Exposure calculations
– HMI Flicker-free (safe shutters & safe camera speeds)
– Insert Slate (4 font colors plus white or black backgrounds)
– Eye Light - Chroma Key (color-adjustable VFX tracking markers for green/blue screen)
– Light Effects for handheld light or via Apple Airplay to HDTV. Includes templates for: fire, television, siren, neon, strobe, flashbulb, lightning, strobe. Create unlimited custom animations.
– Mired Shift - Gel Selector
– Conversion calculator
– 4 Test Charts (incl. Siemens Star)
– Triangulate calculation (calculate distances, image circle, etc.)
– Film Running Time to Length
– Shooting to Screen Time
– Color Correction (chooses color correction filters)
– Time Lapse (shooting Interval, event duration, screen time)
– Scene Illumination (beam intensity)
– Light Coverage (width/distance)
– Underwater Distance
– Diopter (lens focus, diopter power)
– Macro (object distance, magnification, corrected stop, DoF, object size, image size, fill percentage)
– Built-in user guides on each screen.
– Calculates instantly & automatically as each entry is entered.
– Over a 1000 camera formats plus unlimited customizable, user-defined camera formats, CoC & filters.
– Automatic server updates to new cameras (no waiting for App Store updates).


62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. Engineering award for "Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development" from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Technical Achievement Award from Society of Camera Operators. “For outstanding contributions to cinematography through the design and development of the pCAM Film+Digital Calculator.”


User-friendly interface, including new support for iPads and iPhone X’s — Speed Booster® Adapter tool — Use any camera as a template for custom cameras — Automatic server updates to new cameras — Blue/green screen with color-adjustable VFX tracking markers — Diagonal Focal Length Matching — White or Black Insert Slates — 4 test charts (Siemens) — On-the-fly, keypad units conversion (ft,in - ft - in - m - cm - mm - µm) — Camera, Lighting and Favorites lists with reordering — Incremental +/- distance and focal length changes — Dynamic calculations (displays result instantly as each value is entered) — Reworked Exposure tool — Added color FoV Preview images — Degrees to Radians in Conversions — Additional Reference data, charts, technical information — Improved Camera searches — Widget, 3D Touch, Siri, Siri Shortcuts, and Launch Center Pro ready — Added 100 new Cameras, & redesigned Custom Camera creator — More to come and frequently updated.

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