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  • שוחרר בתאריך: 20-04-2011
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צריכים מונית? Gett כבר בדרך אליכם. אפליקציית הזמנת המוניות המצליחה בישראל, בריטניה, רוסיה וניו יורק.

Do you need a Gett taxi? We’re already on the way! Gett is the most successful ride hailing app in Israel, the UK, Moscow, and New York. Millions of Israelis have already discovered that when it comes to taxis, they deserve the best service and the quickest ride! Order a taxi at the click of a button – and the driver will arrive in just a few minutes. Receive updates in real time about your arrival time, taxi location, and details about your driver. Order Gett – and start enjoying a whole new kind of travel experience!

3-minute average waiting time Payment by credit card or cash Pre-pickup access to driver details Real-time information about arrival time and taxi location Available all over Israel – from North to South Immediate and prescheduled rides The best taxi drivers! Split the cost of a ride with friends Express delivery of packages! Pickup within 10 minutes
The most convenient taxi service in Israel!
Don’t wait outside – in the cold, or in the heat! Order a taxi directly to your current location, using your cell phone – and the app will let you know exactly when the taxi arrives. Today, there’s no need to pick up the phone and order a taxi. You no longer need to wait for a taxi service to answer the phone, and there’s no need to go out to the street to catch a ride. Whether you need a private taxi, a shared taxi, or a larger-sized vehicle, with Gett you can watch on your screen as the taxi gets closer to your location, in real time – then go outside after it arrives at the door. Just download Gett’s app, create an account, and your driver will be waiting for you. Want to be certain you’ll arrive punctually? With Gett, you can preschedule rides – so save yourself time, avoid the headache, and order a taxi ahead of time!
Anytime, anywhere taxi service!
Whether you live in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, or Eilat, Gett will connect you with the closest taxi quickly and efficiently –at the click of a button. Ordering a taxi from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has never been easier! Now, there’s no need to search for a taxi station in Tel Aviv or to look for a taxi service – just use Gett’s app. Type in your destination – whether you need a taxi in Jerusalem, or a ride to the airport – and you’ll receive a price estimate for the ride. Need a ride from Ben Gurion Airport? With Gett, you can order a taxi to pick you up – and you can place the order either before your flight takes off, or after you arrive. If you provide a flight number when you preschedule the order, our driver will be updated automatically if your flight is delayed, or if there’s any change to your arrival time.

Convenient, safe, and easily tracked payment!
With Gett, you enjoy fair, preset rates that are in accordance with the rates of Israel’s Ministry of Transportation. Pay in cash or by credit card – either is fine. If you save your credit card details, you can pay at the click of a button and receive a receipt directly to your email account. You can also easily track your history of rides and payment – all within the app. Traveling with friends? Now, you can share a ride and split the cost – and each person pays on his or her own credit card. Looking to save on the cost of your next ride? Invite friends to download the app – and both you and they receive benefits and discounts on upcoming rides!
Gett’s community of drivers offer you a safe and comfortable ride!
Our taxi drivers maintain the highest standards of service, safety, and reliability. A driver from Gett is rated by the community of Gett users on an ongoing basis – ensuring continuous improvement, in terms of the level of service and the user’s experience. Each time you travel in a Gett taxi, you acquire points! Acquiring more points gives you access to our very best drivers.

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