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Noom Calorific: Lose weight without losing your mind.

Calorific is a new and simple approach to tracking & improving your diet, optimized for weight loss. It’s focused on changing your eating habits to eat more healthy foods, instead of providing a calorie count. ** For diet questions, see FAQ below **

Calorie counters are helpful, but require too much work, so many don't use them long enough to benefit. For most food, it's clear if it’s good or bad -- the exact calorie count does not help. What helps is accountability and diet changes.

Calorific uses the three-color traffic light system to keep you aware and accountable. Just classify your food into Green (Great, Eat Often), Yellow (Okay, Eat Sometimes), Red (Bad, Eat Rarely) categories, pick the size and off you go. Eat an apple, and you log a green. A coke or candy is Red. Not sure about color or size? Use our Food Search. Once you’ve logged, Calorific gives you a star rating - use this to improve.

So easy, but does it work? Study after study shows that simple logging works. The key is to be consistent. Yes, you might log something as a wrong color, but it’s all about awareness and diet changes. This approach is proven by the GI Diet and Dean Ornish’s Spectrum, two renowned dietary methods.

Our features:
* Instant Food Search – shows the food as you type and groups similar foods together. Try searching for “Apple” – instead of getting 20 types of apples, you get varied foods.

* Five-Star Rating – instant feedback tells you how healthy you are eating

* Your Ratio vs. Ideal – contrast your intake with the ideal, and improve your diet. The colors are based on nutrition research.

* "More Info" for each category teaches you about food – select this after searching for food.

* Water Tracking – helps you log how many cups you drink per day

Let's face it: calorie counting is hard.
Healthier eating is easy, and Calorific can help you do that.

Calorific is brought to you by Noom, a wellness technology company with over 14 million users worldwide.

Q: Why do you have Meat/Cheese under Red? Ever heard of Atkins!?
A: The colors are optimized specifically for *weight loss* based on work by dietician Ornish ("The Spectrum"). Regular Beef/Pork cuts are *fatty & calorie-dense* and easy to overeat; for lean cuts, we have a Lean Beef/Pork/Chicken in Yellow. Eggs are Yellow because of cholest/fat in yolk; egg whites are Green. And yes, if trying to gain muscle, just adjust the categories. Otherwise, for weight loss, don't believe Atkins, it's too easy to overeat (

Q: Why isn't this a real, precise calorie counter? It's pointless!
A: There are many calorie counters in the Store, but keeping a calorie count is too much work, and research says the extra precision does not help. Unless you weigh everything and measure your digestion, you don't get precision. In fact, just jotting down something when you eat works well. Millions have lost weight using this approach, so try using the colors, be approximate, and watch your weight drop.

Q: But I need to know exactly how many calories are in this Big Mac/Snickers Bar/etc.? Otherwise how do I know I am eating right?
A: A lot of research (some in Volumetrics, some in the GI diet) is dedicated to which foods fill you more or less. We summarize that research in our colors and Food Search. So you can just focus on "Green" filling food, and start to eat less automatically. Besides, no app can tell how much *you* got from a 125cal bar - digestion varies too much.

Q: Why is this program so limited? I have questions, feedback or ideas.
A: We have millions of users on other platforms, but this is our first iPhone program. We'd love to improve, please e-mail us.

For more answers, go to our support web page.

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