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Kentaro Yama
  • גרסה: V0.7.3
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  • שוחרר בתאריך: 04-08-2011
  • מערכת הפעלה: iOS ומעלה
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A-HDR is an application that can generate an HDR-like image from one picture. That can produce Powerful and Impressive pictures. Read the image, and selecting a preset. By that simple operations,You can easily apply Dynamic effects to the photo .

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Made a major update!!!
Filter algorithm has been renewed. It Will allow a more natural expression, can now be used in many scenes.

Sorry for delete the previous preset. However, in this update, became to can save effects settings. So if you need,please recreate preferences. Can reproduce all the previous preset.
*Radius was all 3

--------- Features ---------

●Generate HDR-like image from one picture.
In general, the HDR composite will require multiple Photos. In this application, We represent a high dynamic range by restore information from the darker and bright portions. So when information in a dark part and a bright part is completely lost, will not get good result.

●Easy mode : There's 15 preset to easily apply the HDR effects.
This application applies the effect of a combination of several filters. By adjusting the parameters in Pro mode, you can get a more desired effect, but it is not so easy. Therefore, we have characterized presets to easily apply effects.

●Pro mode : Can create various filters with adjusting the 10 parameters.
A-HDR parameters is possible to freely control the brightness of the picture. "Radius" option added and that can adjust effected areas ,so it will be more natural filter. In addition to powerful HDR effect , can apply basic effects. Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Color balance.

●Holds the original size photo
Processing Resolution is good enough for photos that taken by iphone. But the maximum image size is set to below. Image that is bigger than this is reduced.
・iPhone 3GS : 3,072 pixels on one side.
・iPhone 3G : 2,048 pixels on one side.
・Other : Non limit , but I can not guarantee that the image is too large.

●Noise reduction.
Noise reduction algorithm is optimized for iPhoneography. Since the noise tends to brighten the dark areas, it will be very useful. The Process is Averaging(Blur) with keeping the Edges.

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