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ירידת מחיר ₪ 11.90חינם
  • גרסה: V1.0
  • גודל הורדה: 261.85 MB
  • שוחרר בתאריך: 17-08-2017
  • מערכת הפעלה: iOS 8.0 ומעלה
  • תאימות:
  • מתאים עבור: גילאי 4 ומעלה
  • מחיר בחנות: חינם (במקום 11.90 ש"ח, ירידת מחיר לזמן מוגבל) עודכן ב25 בספטמבר 2017.

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An innovative resurgence of high quality, simple yet brilliant and super enjoyable TD day is now coming to stores. Welcome the trend now and call up your old memory of a classic Tower Defense with Alien Demons Td: 3D Sci-fi Tower Defense.

It is one of a few 3D Tower Defense games ever on stores which meet your expectation of a highly strategic classic TD game:

▶ BUILD LONG PATHS to keep enemies in the battle, do them the most damage to defending the base.

▶ Use powerful unique towers to kill various kinds of enemies which have specific skills or wears armors that requires specific towers to counter. There’s tight relation between them. Just spamming turrets makes no sense.

▶ ENDLESS MODE: Make your turret tremendously powerful by upgrading endlessly to defend enemy invasions coming at random. Grind for diamonds - premium resources and do your best to rank top in the leaderboard.

Alien Demons TD: 3D Sci-fi Tower Defense is not only a strategic but also an action & puzzle game. Demons invasions in this game are endless and highly intensive. At the same time, you have to build turrets, wind the mazes and check out the next invasions of enemies. These things make the game harder, it will grab your full attention and make your time of playing more enjoyable than ever.


_ Bizarre enemies which are invisible, get mad when being attacked or spawn children when dying

_ Bonus - puzzle fun maps where all the enemies get giant, run dizzily fast or only die when being guided through the energy fields.

_ Pre-place turrets sent from the mother craft, the craft will send the turrets to your battle and be active as soon as you have enough energy.

_ Wonderful graphics, zoom-in, zoom-out the battlefield.

_ Attractive sound of classic Tower Defense game, the sound of Galaxy World, Sci-fi Theme

_ Hard and intensive battles in the middle of galaxy world, discover so many stars in a sci-fi game

_ Normal and hard modes, challenge your strategic skill.
Continuous update of game content and unique features


Through the game, Alien Demons TD: 3D Sci-fi Tower Defense you will play in a sci-fi world, battle in the human military bases in the galaxy. Each base is a teleport to send the living being to the Earth. Alien Demons will attack the Earth if they have a chance to get there. So, defending the base means defending the Earth. Save our planet, commander!
If you are already a fan of classic Tower Defense game like Fieldrunners or Tower madness, you will definitely love it. If you haven’t been into TD genre, this game will make them be.

In-app purchase
Alien demons TD is a premium Tower Defense game. In-app purchases are not essential but they will help you go faster and make your time playing even more enjoyable.
Alien Demons TD: 3D Sci-fi Tower Defense –intensive classic Tower Defense game. Be ready for a war in the galaxy world, recall your old memory then.
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